Friday, 26 September 2008

People's Expectations

So, things at the moment probably make me a little like the person in this picture. It's not the amount of stuff that needs doing that is daunting - although there seems to be an ever growing list of stuff that needs doing. And the time frame in which to do it is growing ever smaller.

No, it's people's expectations of what will or should be happening, how they think things are going to be run, when they think things should be run, that's what really really really scares me.

Anyone who knows me, will know that I have a fear of what people think of me. It is sometimes quite debilitating. I have a friend who doesn't give a "monkeys" about what people think about her, and she says that this feeling only really came as she got older. But how old do I have to be?!?!
Quite liked the caption below. Says it all really!

Who's for chocolate cake?