Thursday, 19 July 2007

Summer Holidays

Well, we are nearly at the summer break - as far as school is concerned. Although it seems ours started about 3-4 weeks ago, with my daughter finishing school just after taking her GCSE's. She is currently getting ready to go on holiday with 4 other girlies from school down to Cornwall for a week. Yes, I am mad - but I have armed her with the Captains number down there if she were to get into any difficulties!!!!!!!!!!!! She has had various lectures over the past few months, reaching a crescendo this week, with at least 3 a day. The other girls tell me their parents have done the same and so, with a little bit of luck and a fair wind (although weather forecast says the winds are going to be much stronger than that), they should have a great time. So could we spare a thought for these girls, that the weather stays fair, the train isn't delayed getting there or coming home, that they are not pestered by any unsuitable or unsavoury characters and that they don't need to contact the local S.A. Thanks guys!

With one off, the other should be arriving home from Germany. Been there for the last week on a language trip with school. He did send a postcard to his dear old ma and pa, but it's in German. He says that if we care about his eduation, we would be able to read it!!!!! Cheeky boy! Mind you, at least he sent a postcard, I'll be lucky to get a text from the other one.

I spent a lovely day at Brighton on Tuesday. The P.A. from school organise a Ladies Shopping Day there each year and this year we decided to take full advantage of one less child and get ourselves booked onto the coach. Spent a great day wandering around The Lanes, shopping, stopping for coffee, shopping, stopping for lunch, shopping and finished with Afternoon Tea at The Grand Hotel. That's the life!!

So, whatever you plan to do with your summer holidays, have fun, hope the weather stays fair for you, and that you feel relaxed and rested.

Bon Voyage!