Friday, 22 June 2007

"Who are you.....?"

Well, I am just about ready for the onslaught of the weekend.

Hannah has her 16th birthday party tonight for her school friends, and tomorrow evening for her army friends - I'm told the two don't mix, generally!

Tonight, we have 40ish teenagers going to Kids Kingdom for 90 mins and then on to the new chinese restaurant. She thinks we are going to leave her to have a good evening at the restaurant and then her and 6 friends are coming back here, in a taxi, for a girlie sleepover!!
Hahahahahaha. We will be lurking with intent for the whole evening. Can you imagine the stress tonight if I can't account for every person leaving that restaurant safely? AND, I fully intend to be in that taxi with her and her friends!! How uncool am I?

Anyway, her friends have been dropping off their sleeping bags today and one young lady arrived at the door. She asked if she could leave her sleeping bag and stuff with me for later. I took it in and she left, and then realised that actually I didn't know this girl and hope that SHE got the right house, and in fact she is part of the sleepover tonight!

I am happy to inform you though that on her bag is pinned a badge showing the face of Jesus with the saying printed "Who do you say that I am!"

Oh deep deep joy. She is mixing with the right people.

I'll try and keep you posted on the evening's events!!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Participator or Spectator

Hey guys,

Been SOOOOOOOO busy lately, not been able to post anything. Both of mine have had birthdays this month. Both had parties - actually Hannah's has been postponed till this weekend coz of her GCSE's. There's another "wing-clipper". Had to be available to drive her to and from exams for the last few weeks as well as helping her revise for them, I felt like I had been timetabled by the school. So, with shopping for pressies, exams, organising parties, exams, shopping for food for parties, exams, attending parties, exams, - you get the picture - I've had little time to think of anything remotely interesting for the blog.

But I have been able to log on and read your lovely posts and comment where I can. So now it's time for me to participate again and not spectate. Ooooh, that phrase brings back memories.

It used to be used by a friend of ours when he was leading a meeting. Aimed at those who would watch the proceedings of a devotional meeting and not get involved.

Not that anyone does that now eh!?