Monday, 19 May 2008

Walk the Walk 2008

Moonwalk 2008

Congratulations to Nicola, Sarah, and Jo. Thanks for your company. We did brilliantly girls!!! Be proud!

Disclaimer : For some this may be cheesy, for some meaningful, but I make no apologies for the content of this blog. It's how I feel.

On Saturday night I took part again in the London Moonwalk, which is a 26.2mile walk around London starting and finishing at Hyde Park. As the name "Moonwalk" suggests, this is done at night. In fact we walked under the start sign at 11.30pm and came home at just before 7am. (Actually knocking 30 mins off last years time!)

It's hard, it hurts and we struggled. The distance is not particularly the major problem, but the timing of the walk is. Your body wants to sleep, it naturally slows down but you are telling it to "power" walk. Your knees, legs, and feet scream, you feel jet-lagged and sick from about 3am.

And why do we do it? Well for me it's to raise money and awareness for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and their research into this disease. So each step, whilst almost in tears with the tiredness and pain, I remembered the names of the people I had on my hat. Those people, who I know, who have and who are fighting this cancer. Some have had good news, so Thank God, but some are on their way to meeting him. No amount of pain could ever go close to what they have been through.

And so whilst I might have said as I approached the finish line "I am never doing this again", I might very well carry on walking to raise money coz it saves lives and how can you say no?!